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Section: Software


Participant : José Grimm.

The development of Endymion , has been stabilized. It is a software licensed under the CeCILL license version two, see . It has been registered under the number IDDN.FR.001.310002.000.S.P.2009.000.10000 at the the APP It was developed on Linux, but works as well on MacOS. The core of the system is formed by a library that handles numbers (short integers, arbitrary size rational numbers, floating point numbers, quadruple and octuple precision floating point numbers, arbitrary precision real numbers, complex numbers), polynomials, matrices, etc. Specific data structures for the rational approximation algorithm arl2 and the bounded extremal problem bep are also available. One can mention for instance splines, Fourier series, Schur matrices, etc. These data structures are manipulated by dedicated algorithms (matrix inversion, roots of polynomials, a gradient-based algorithm for minimizing $ \psi$ , Newton method for finding a critical point of $ \psi$ , etc), and input-output functions that allow one to save data on disk, restore them, plot them, etc. The software is interactive: there is a symbolic interpreter based upon a Lisp interpreter. For instance the coefficient of z2 in P can be obtained via Lisp syntax (getcoef P 2) or modified via the symbolic syntax P[2]++ .


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