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Section: Dissemination

Community service

L. Baratchart is Inria's representative at the « conseil scientifique » of the Univ. Provence (Aix-Marseille). He was a member of the “Commissions de spécialistes” of the Univ. of Lille and Bordeaux.

J. Grimm is a representative at the « comité de centre » (Research Center INRIA-Sophia).

J. Leblond is a member of the « Commission d'Évaluation » (CE) of INRIA(Thus, of several recruitment or hiring committees of Inria researchers, or evaluation seminars of Inria teams, and participates to working groups.). She is a member of the « Commission d'Animation Scientifique » (CAS) of the Research Center.

M. Olivi is a member of the CSD (Comité de Suivi Doctoral) of the Research Center.

J.-B. Pomet is a representative at the « comité technique paritaire » (CTP) of INRIA.

F. Seyfert is a member of the CDL (Comité de Développement Logiciel) of the Research Center.


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