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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European collaborations


Participants : Charles André, Julien Deantoni, Régis Gascon, Frédéric Mallet, Yves Sorel, Robert de Simone.

CESAR is a large project with over 60 participants, most of which important industrial partners from avionics, railways, and automotive domains. It is currently the flagship project of the European ARTEMIS programme. It aims at defining a common integrated environment to organize collaborative use of many tools and methods relevant to embedded system design, positioned according to effective design flows validated by industrial needs and experience.

The project is split between 6 main subprojects:


is devoted to the construction of a common reference technological platform (RTP), on which all tools and models are to be plugged. It borrows partly on experience gained in the former OpenEmbedd RNTL platform;


deals with requirements engineering and the issues of consistency when conducting large development projects inside multiple organizations (evolving product lines, contracts, non-functional property requirements, and so on);


deals with individual tools and methods, both from classical approaches and from innovative academic sources that are found useful to support prospective design flows and thus be connected onto the RTP. EPI Aoste is most specifically leading this part for INRIA;


are devoted to industrial domains, where industrial partners provide use cases and potential scenarios, showing needs (and evaluating solutions in a latter phase).

This year we attended the kick-off meeting in Vienna in March, then two technical SP3 meetings in Stockholm and Toulouse, and finally a plenary meeting in Torino. This project is funding the postdoctoral position of Régis Gascon.


Participants : Dumitru Potop-Butucaru, Yves Sorel.

The OPENPROD project was accepted within the 2008 ITEA call for projects, and is scheduled to last from 2009 to 2011. The partners of the project are Bosh, Siemens, SKF, Nokia, IFP, EDF, PSA, EADS, LMS Imagine, VTT, CEA, Fraunhofer, etc. The project aims at providing an open whole-product model-driven rapid systems development, modeling, and simulation environment integrating the leading open industrial software development platform (Eclipse) with open-source tools (OpenModelica, etc.), and industrial tools and applications.

The AOSTE team participates to the workpackage devoted to code generation and run-times issues. More precisely it adresses the automatic translation of the discrete part of high-level specifications written in Modelica into a format able to be implemented onto a distributed architecture while satisfying real-time constraints. In addition, models translated into this format should be implemented onto multi-core architectures. IFP will provide a test case based on a engine control models intended to be implemented onto their real-time co-simulation platform running on a multi-core.

IST Network of Excellence ARTIST2 & ARTIST-Design

Participants : Julien Boucaron, Robert de Simone, Frédéric Mallet.

We attended this year several events sponsored by the ArtistDesign Network of Excellence, including he perioidcal review meeting and its preparation workshop in Brussels. Other such events were the Synchron seminar in Dagstuhl, in late november, which brings together the whole community of Synchronous languages, and the EmSoft conference, itself surrounded by a numbers of satellite events gathering the main european leaders on Embedded System designs for brainstorming informal meetings.


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