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Section: New Results

Executable Timed Requirements for automotive applications

Participants : Charles André, Frédéric Mallet, Marie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati.

The UML profile for East-ADL2 was defined by the ATESST project and provides a support to define requirements for automotive applications. It is currently integrated in the first phases of the AutoSAR methodology promoted by the AutoSAR consortium; AutoSAR covers the whole design flow whereas East-ADL2 only considers the requirement aspects.

In the context of the project MeMVaTEx (Section  8.2.2 ), we have defined a CCSL relation definition library for East-ADL2 Timing Requirements [23] . It contains four relation definitions, one for each East-ADL2 Timing Requirement: repetition rate, delay requirement, input/output synchronizations.

Another contribution [15] addresses a larger scope and focuses on methological aspects including traceability and validation of requirements. The knock control of 4-stroke engines is studied as an example. The methodology combines UML, MARTE and SysML. This was a first step of our effort to ensure the convergence of MARTE and SysML, which is one of the major problem addressed in the Lambda project (Section  8.2.5 ), and that we conduct within the MARTE revision task force at the OMG (Section  6.3 ).


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