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Section: New Results

A semantic model for domain-specific languages

Participants : Charles André, Julien Deantoni, Frédéric Mallet, Robert de Simone.

This year, we started an ambitious work focused on the explicitation of a model behavioral semantics. We proposed a general model-based framework to describe a formal and explicit behavioral semantics as a separate model [38] . This model is based on an abstract syntax of CCSL (Section  6.2 ). While CCSL specifies explicitly the logical relations between clock instants, the model links the clock to events in a specific model. The association between clocks and model events is for now in its very crude form but the prototype tool [39] integrated in TimeSquare opens promising perspectives.

Specifically addressing the avionics domain  4.2 , we have shown [20] how to use CCSL to build a semantic model for AADL, the Architecture and Analysis Description Language adopted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). UML structured classifiers and activities are used to model AADL application software elements and execution platforms. MARTE allocation replaces the AADL binding mechanism. CCSL clock constraints give an explicit timed execution semantics. TimeSquare (Section  5.1 ) then interprets the operational semantics (see Section  6.2 ) of the CCSL constraints to animate the UML/MARTE model.


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