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Section: New Results

UML profiles

Participants : Charles André, Frédéric Mallet, Robert de Simone.

The Finalization Task Force (FTF) of the UML profile for MARTE has issued its report in May 2009. Aoste actively contributes to MARTE and SysML standardizations and Frédéric Mallet was a voting member of the MARTE FTF and SysML RTF. Frédéric Mallet and Charles André have proposed resolutions of issues related to the Time and Allocation chapters of MARTE. The UML profile MARTE has been adopted by the OMG in November 2009 [37] . MARTE and its Time model of MARTE were presented at Neptune 2009 (Paris, May 2009) and published in the journal of Génie Logiciel  [16] , [17] .

Besides this standardization effort, Aoste has proposed other profiles following MDE approaches. A first proposal concerns the multilevel modeling (i.e., not restricted to the Class-Instance relationship). A profile, called DomainSpecification , has been defined and allows automated construction of domain specific UML profiles. This study extends preliminary results proposed in the François Lagarde's thesis (November 2008) and was presented at the Conference on Software Language Engineering [22] . The second contribution is a UML profile for IP-Xact, a standard of the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) domain (see section  6.5 ).


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