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Section: Software


Participants : Charles André [ correspondant ] , Julien Deantoni, Benoît Ferrero, Frédéric Mallet.

TimeSquare is a software environment for modeling and analyzing timed systems. It supports an implementation of the Time Model introduced in the Marte UML profile (see section 3.2 ), and its companion Clock Constraint Specification Language (CCSL).

TimeSquare has four main functionalities:

  1. interactive clock-based specifications, through dialog boxes,

  2. definition/modeling of user-defined clock constraint libraries,

  3. simulation and generation of a consistent trace model, using a Boolean solver,

  4. attaching call-backs to the trace model to produce domain-specific feedbacks: animation of models, displaying and exploring waveforms, generation of sequence diagrams...

TimeSquare is a plug-in developed with the Eclipse Modeling Tools. It is integrated in the OpenEmbeDD platform and can be downloaded from the team site . This software is registered by the Agence pour la Protection des Programmes , under the number IDDN.FR.001.170007.000.S.P.2009.001.10600, since February 11, 2009.


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