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Scientific Foundations
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Section: Scientific Foundations

Modeling standards in embedded system design

Participants : Charles André, Frédéric Mallet, Marie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati, Aamir Mehmood Khan, Jean-François Le Tallec, Julien Deantoni, Robert de Simone.

The field of model-driven engineering of hardware/software embedded systems is hosting a number of ad-hoc standards dedicated to specific domains. These standards are instrumental in shaping up the technical and economic activities of model exchange between various industrial and academic partners. The main ones considered in our team are:

These standards may be helpful in performing a number of analyses, such as early component integration, performance/schedulability analysis, and so forth. We conducted a number of comparative studies establishing how generic and specific concepts embodied in these standards could be reflected in Marte , thereby allowing model transformations and exchanges, in a domain-agnostic fashion.


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