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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Other Grants and Activities

M. Adimy is responsible for a CNRS grant (CNRS/CNRST convention) project with Morocco (university of Marrakesh) on "The study of differential equations with delay in finite and infinite dimensional spaces with applications to models of population dynamics ".

The Enée06 associated team gathers the group of A. Ben Abda at Lamsin (ENIT) in Tunis and the Anubis team. It also associates the groups of H. Hbid in Marrakesh and M. Bouguima in Tlemcen and the Poems and Apics INRIA teams. In 2009 a support for one extra year was used mainly to supervise the thesis of F. Jday.

A. Ducrot and M. Langlais belong to a french-japanese program, LIA - 197 CNRS France-Japon (2007/2010), ReaDiLab, Biomathematics Modelling and Analysis Laboratory co-chaired by D. Hilhorst (Paris 11) et J. Demongeot (Grenoble), M. Mimura (Meiji U.) et H. Matano (Tokyo U.) (see section 9.1 ). A. Ducrot and M. Langlais with J.B. Burie won an Orchid collaboration program with Taiwan on “Singular reaction-diffusion systems and presistence phenomena". The collaboration is with Fu Sheng-Chen, Guo Jong-Shenq , Tsai Je-Chiang and Wu Chin-Chin at the National Taiwan Normal University. P. Magal has a France-China (PFCC) collaboration contract with Rong Yuan at the Beijing Normal University.


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