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Section: Dissemination

Scientific Community Involvment

French Bioinformatics

Participants : Patrick Amar, Jérôme Azé, Thomas Bourquard, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Alain Denise, Christine Froidevaux, Feng Lou, Pierre Nicodème, Yann Ponty, Mireille Régnier, Cédric Saule, Jean-Marc Steyaert.

All team is involved in GDR-BIM (Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics). A. Denise has been the head of this GDR since 2006, Ch. Froidevaux was in charge of subdomain Knowledge Representation, Ontologies, Data Integration and Grids and J. Azé is the webmaster.

The Programme PluriFormation, PPF Bioinformatics and Biomathematics, headed by Ch. Froidevaux, gathers teams of computer scientists, mathematicians, and biologists from the University of Paris Sud-XI interested in bioinformatics and biostatistics. All the team is involved and participated in the final workshop at Tours, (September, 14th-15th).


Amib seminar

Our seminar is held three times a month. This fall, we welcomed a seminar by B. Behzahdi (Google Research), A. Sim (Stanford University), S. Neuman (Mips , Munich), M. Ward (Purdue University), N. Leontis (Bowling Green State University), F. Leclerc (Nancy University).

Other seminars

P. Amar was invited to give the talk Modelling self assembly and behaviour of molecular complexes at the Workshop on “MAS in Biology at the meso or macroscopic scales” in Paris on June, 23rd.

J. Bernauer was invited to give a talk on "Computational Structural Biology: Periodic Triangulations for Molecular Dynamics" at the Workshop "Subdivide and tile: Triangulating spaces for understanding the world", organized in Leiden (Netherlands), 16-20 November, 2009. See . J. Bernauer is attending the "Fourth Capri Evaluation Meeting in Barcelona, 9-11 December, 2009.

Y. Ponty was invited to give the talk RNA as a combinatorial object: Asymptotics of RNA Shapes " at the bioinformatics seminar (hosted by R. Backofen) of the Technical university of Freiburg on November, 27th.

Thuong Van Du Tran attended Mccmb'09 (Moscow, Russia) and Ismb/Eccb2009 (Stockholm, Sweden) and presented posters.

Program Committee

P. Amar was a program committee member and scientific committee member of the conference Modelling Complex Biological Systems in the context of genomics .

J.Bernauer is chair of Multi-resolution Modeling of Biological Macromolecules session at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2010

S. Cohen-Boulakia was a program committee member of international conferences or workshops Ssdbm2009, Dils 2009, Swpm-2009 (First Int. Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management, co-located with Iswc-2009), Icde 2010 (general track and demo track) and of national conferences Bda2009, Jobim2010 .

Ch. Froidevaux was a program committee member of Edbt2010, Ib2010, Dils2009, IEEE Cbms2009 (Computer-Based Medical Systems-special track on Computational Proteomics-), Third Int. Workshop on "Biomedical and Bioinformatics' Challenges to Computer Science" co-located with ICCS (2009 et 2010) and of national conferences, Egc2009, Egc2010, Jobim2009 .

Ch. Froidevaux and S. Cohen-Boulakia organized workshop Metadata, Ontologies and Quality of Annotation , Moqa (september, 27th).

M. Régnier is a program committee member of Recomb workshop on Regulatory Genomics and co-organized Mccmb'09 in Moscow.

Research Administration

A. Denise serves in the National Committee of Scientific Research: section 7, Sciences et Technologies de l'Information (Computer Science, Control, Signal and Communication) and interdisciplinary commission 43 (Modélisation de systèmes biologiques, bioinformatique).

Ch. Froidevaux has been the head of Computer Science Department at University Paris-Sud XI (UFR des Sciences d'Orsay) since January, 15th. She participated to the AERES committee that evaluated Inria Lille Nord-Europe CRI.

M. Régnier serves in the Committee of French ANR .


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