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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives


Participants : Alain Denise, Feng Lou, Balaji Raman, Jean-Marc Steyaert.

P. Clote (Boston College) has started a new activity on a Digiteo chair about RNA properties, in particular concerned with folding energy distributions and the identification of riboswitches.

Associate Team

Migec , Mathématiques et Informatique en GEnomique Comparative (Mathematics and Computer Science in Comparative Genomics), is an associate team with NII-Genetika (Moscow, Russia). The goal of this cooperation is the development of analytic and statistical criteria in order to extract and analyze complex motifs in sequences and to use these criteria on entire genome sequences as well. This includes the development of methods for complex motifs and combined motifs identification in the genomes, analytic and numerical approaches to asess the statistical significance of candidates and an experimental verification of putative motifs. Our main application is the analysis of regulatory regions in eucaryote organisms, such as the man, the mouse and insects. A special attention is paid to promoter sequences and to CpG islands in genes that control the tissue differentiation and tumorogenesis. In this project, Amib members bring their skills and tools in pattern matching algorithms and (probabilistic) combinatorial enumeration. Such results are complementary to the genome analysis technology developped at NII-Genetika , that includes genomic databases organisation, databases creation for functionnally important regions and data integration from different sources in biology and bioinformatics. This associate team takes place in a long history of collaboration between Moscow and Inria groups, that also includes biologists from Berkeley.


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