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Amib is a joined team with LIX , Ecole Polytechnique and LRI , Paris-Sud XI University. The team has been created on May the 1st, 2009 and is under evaluation.

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Mireille Régnier [ Team leader, Research Director (DR) Inria, HdR ]
Pierre Nicodème [ Research Associate (CR) CNRS ]
Yann Ponty [ Research Associate (CR) CNRS ]
Thomas Simonson [ Research Director (DR) Ecole Polytechnique, HdR ]

Faculty Member

Patrick Amar [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Jérôme Azé [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Sarah Cohen-Boulakia [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Alain Denise [ Université Paris -Sud XI, HdR ]
Christine Froidevaux [ Université Paris -Sud XI, HdR ]
Jean-Marc Steyaert [ Ecole Polytechnique, HdR ]

PhD Student

Zahira Aslaoui [ Université Paris -Sud XI, since 01/10/09 ]
Thomas Bourquard [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Mahassine Djelloul [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Feng Lou [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Bastien Rance [ Université Paris -Sud XI, until 30/09/09 ]
Philippe Rinaudo [ Université Paris -Sud XI, since 01/10/09 ]
Cédric Saule [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]
Thuong Van Du Tran [ Ecole Polytechnique ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Balaji Raman [ Ecole Polytechnique ]
Thomas Moncion [ Université Paris -Sud XI ]

Visiting Scientist

Julie Bernauer [ ABS-Sophia, since September 1st ]

Administrative Assistant

Evelyne Rayssac [ Secretary (SAR) Inria ]


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