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Section: New Results

Processing of temporal information in French texts

Participants : André Bittar, Laurence Danlos, Pascal Denis, Philippe Muller.

TempEval-2 : André Bittar, Pascal Denis and associated member Philippe Muller (delegation at Alpage from the Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse), in collaboration with Michel Gagnon (École Polytechnique de Montréal), are currently participating in the TempEval-2 campaign for the evaluation of systems designed for the annotation of temporal information in natural language texts ( ). This group of three researchers and one PhD student was responsible for the creation of an evaluation corpus for French. The corpus has recently been finished and submitted to the campaign organisers. It will be used as the gold standard against which to gauge the performance of automated systems designed for the annotation of temporal information in French language texts.

It relies on the previous work of André Bittar on the adaptation of the TimeML annotation framework for temporal expressions to French language [20] , [19] . André Bittar and Laurence Danlos also worked on the integration of light verb constructions in TimeML [21] .


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