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Section: New Results

The Leff e and SpMg : a lexicon and a parser for Spanish

Participants : Benoît Sagot, Éric Villemonte de La Clergerie.

Collaboration with Miguel Ángel Molinero Álvarez (University of Ourense, Galicia, Spain) and Lionel Nicolas (University of Nice). In relation with the Victoria Spanish-French project (see  8.2.1 ), some of Alpage's members have worked on the development of a syntactic lexicon and a metagrammar for Spanish, in collaboration with other members of the Victoria project. In particular, improvements have been made in the Leff e (Léxico de formas flexionadas del español ), a syntactic lexicon for Spanish which relies on the same framework than the Lefff , namely Alexina [32] , [52] , [31] . Many techniques for lexical information acquisition have been improved as well, such as converting and merging of syntactic lexicons, corpus-based extraction of morphological lexicons, and others.

In parallel with the development of the syntactic lexicon Leff e, the development of a meta-grammar for Spanish is ongoing. This metagrammar, SpMg , uses FRMG as a starting point, thus taking advantage of the close proximity of French and Spanish. Thanks to this metagrammar and to the Leff e, preliminary versions of a deep DyALog -based parser for Spanish has been built.

Within the Victoria project, these efforts will be pursued, and extended to Galician(A co-official language in north-west Spain.), and possibly adapted to other languages.


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