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Section: New Results

Merging syntactic lexical resources for improving the Lefff : continued

Participants : Benoît Sagot, Laurence Danlos.

The development of the Lefff has been pursued. First of all, some work on a particular class of verbs [39] has allowed us to improve the quality of the Lefff but also to start and exploit an additional very valuable resource, namely the Lexique des Verbes Français from Dubois and Dubois-Charlier. This will allow us to benefit from one more lexical resource for improving the Lefff , apart from DicoValence and Lexicon-Grammar Tables.

A new version of the Lefff is under preparation, that is the result of a full conversion and merging of Dicovalence with the current version of the Lefff , following the work described in [5] . The semi-automatic validation of the result of this merging is in progress, and should lead to the release of a greatly improved version of the Lefff , version 3.5, that will be quantitatively compared to version 3.0 by comparing the results of the FRMG parser when it uses the one version or the other.

More generally, we have realized during this year, and in particular during the ATALA workshop on French parsing (a satellite event of IWPT'09), that the Lefff is now a widely used resource within the French NLP community.


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