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Section: Software

The syntactic lexicon Lefff and the Alexina framework

Participants : Benoît Sagot [ correspondant ] , Laurence Danlos.

See also the web page .

Alpage's freely available syntaxic lexicon for French, the Lefff , is now in version 3. It is developed within Alpage's Alexina framework for the acquisition and modeling of morphological and syntactic lexical information. Other Alexina lexicons do exist, in particular for Polish, Slovak, English and now Spanish (see  6.7 ).

Historically, the Lefff  1 was a freely available French morphological lexicon for verbs that has been automatically extracted from a very large corpus. Since version 2, the Lefff covers all grammatical categories (not just verbs) and includes syntactic information (such as subcategorization frames); Alpage's tools, including Alpage's parsers, rely on the Lefff . The version 3 of the Lefff , which has been released in 2008, improves the linguistic relevance and the interoperability with other lexical models (see  6.6 ).


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