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Section: Software

Alpage's linguistic workbench, including Sx Pipe

Participants : Benoît Sagot [ correspondant ] , Pierre Boullier, Éric Villemonte de La Clergerie.

See also the web page .

Alpage's linguistic workbench is a set of packages for corpus processing and parsing. Among these packages, the Sx Pipe package is of a particular importance

Sx Pipe, now in version 2 [107] is a modular and customizable chain aimed to apply to raw corpora a cascade of surface processing steps. It is used

Developed for French and for other languages, Sx Pipe 2 includes, among others, various named entities recognition modules in raw text, a sentence segmenter and tokenizer, a spelling corrector and compound words recognizer, and an original context-free patterns recognizer, used by several specialized grammars (numbers, impersonal constructions...).


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