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Section: Software


Participants : Benoît Sagot [ correspondant ] , Pierre Boullier.

SxLfg is a parser generator based on Syntax for Lexical-Functional Grammars (LFG) [67] , [67] , [66] . Functional structures are efficiently computed on top of the CFG shared forest generated by Syntax . The efficiency is achieved thanks to computation sharing, lazy evaluation, compact data representation, rule-based and/or n-best disambiguation. It can be helped by a chunk-based module which, when used without f-structures computation, constitutes a state-of-the-art chunker. SxLfg uses various error recovery techniques in order to build a robust parser.

With our grammar for French (written in a meta-formalism of LFG and compiled automatically into pure LFG), it leads to the SxLfg -fr parsing system for French, which relies on the Lefff and takes Sx Pipe outputs as input. It constitutes a very efficient deep parser, which can parse several million-word corpus in only several hours [66] , [69]


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