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Section: Application Domains

Generation of textual reports about statistical data: EASYTEXT

Participant : Laurence Danlos.

In 2009, the generation system EASYTEXT has been achieved. Is is now an operational system used at TNS-SOFRES. Its is based on G-TAG, a formalism based on Tree Adjoining Grammar, [80] , enriched with a document structuring module taking ideas from SDRT (Segmented Discourse Representation Theory, [59] ), [83] . This formalism has been implemented in .net by WatchSystem Assistance. EASYTEXT is fully integrated in TNS modules.

An example of text generated by EASYTEXT along with the source data is shown at .

As TNS-SOFRES was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the automatically generated texts, they ask for further extensions of EASYTEXT which are currently worked on.

Another application of NLG we foresee is the automatic production of captions for photos. There is ongoing discussions with AFP (Agence france Presse ) on the topic.


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