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Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains


NLP tools and methods have many possible domains of application. Some of then are already mature enough to be commercialized. They can be roughly classified in three groups:

Human-computer interaction :

mostly speech processing and text-to-speech, often in a dialogue context; today, commercial offers are limited to restricted domains (train tickets reservation...);

Language writing aid :

spelling, grammatical and stylistic correctors for text editors, controlled-language writing aids (e.g., for technical documents), memory-based translation aid, foreign language learning tools, as well as vocal dictation;

Access to information :

tools to enable a better access to information present in huge collections of texts (e.g., the Internet): automatic document classification, automatic document structuring, automatic summarizing, information acquisition and extraction, text mining, question-answering systems, as well as surface machine translation. Information access to speech archives through transcriptions is also an emerging field.

Alpage focuses on some applications included in the two last points, such as information extraction and knowledge acquisition ( 4.2 and 4.5 ), text mining ( 4.3 ), text generation ( 4.4 ).


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