Team Alpage

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Scientific Foundations

Building and evaluating full-featured parsing systems

Participants : Éric Villemonte de La Clergerie, Benoît Sagot, Pierre Boullier.

The constitution of resources such as lexica or grammars raises the issues of the evaluation of these resources to assess their quality and coverage. For this reason, Alpage is the leader of the PASSAGE ANR project, which is the follow-up of the EASy parsing evaluation campaign held in 2004 and conducted by team LIR at LIMSI.

However, although developing parsing techniques, grammars, and lexica constitute obviously the key efforts towards deep large-scale linguistic processing, these components need to be included inside a full and robust processing chain, able to handle any text from any source. The development of such linguistic chains, such as Sx Pipe , is not a trivial task [7] . Moreover, when used as a preliminary step before parsers, the quality of parsers' results strongly depends on the quality of such chains.


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