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Alpage is in charge of the prestigious cursus of Computational Linguistics of Paris 7, historically the first cursus in France in this domain. This cursus, which starts in License 3 and includes a Master 2 (research) and a professional Master 2, is directed by Laurence Danlos. Benoît Crabbé and then Marie Candito were in charge of the License 3, and Laurence Danlos is in charge of the both Master 2. All faculty members of Alpage are strongly involved in this cursus, but some Inria members also participate in teaching and supervizing internships. Unless otherwise specified, all teaching done by Alpage members belong to this cursus. Teaching by associate members in other universities are not indicated.

Laurence Danlos(Since her nomination to IUF (September 2004), Laurence Danlos teaches only 65h “équivalent TD”.): Introduction to NLP (3rd year of License, 24h); Discourse, NLU and NLG (2nd year of Master, 36h).

Marie Candito: Information retrieval (2nd year of professional Master, 12h); Probabilistic methods for Natural language processing (1st year of Master, 48h); Machine translation (1st year of Master, 48h); Probabilities and statistics for Natural language processing (3rd year of Licence, 24h); French syntax (2nd year of Licence, 21h, License of Linguistics of University Paris 7).

Benoît Sagot: Parsing systems (2nd year of Master, 24h).

Éric de La Clergerie: Prolog and NLP (2rd year of Master, 12h).

Benoît Crabbé (INRIA delegation): Probabilistic methods for NLP (1st year of Master, 48h); Introduction to programming II (3rd year of Licence, 24h).

Pascal Denis: Computational Semantics (2nd year of Master, 12h).

Charlotte Roze: Introduction to Programming (3rd year of License, 24h); Algorithmics (3rd year of License, 24h).

François-Régis Chaumartin: Modélisation (UML) et bases de données (SQL) (2rd year of professional Master, 24h).

Djamé Seddah, as an Assistant Professor in CS in the University Paris 4 Sorbonne, member of the UFR ISHA, mainly teaches “Generic Programming and groupware”, “Distributed Application and Object Programming”, “Syntaxic tools and text Processing for NLP”, “Machine Translation Seminars” in both years of the Master “Ingénierie de la Langue pour la Gestion Intelligente de l'Information”. Djamé Seddah is also the “Directeur des études” of a CS transversal module for the Sorbonne's undergraduate students (ie “Certificat Informatique et Internet”).

André Bittar is an ATER at Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, where he taught “Introduction to Operating Systems” (1st year of DUT, 52h), “Unix/HTML” (1st year of License, 48h) and “Programming with Python” (1st year of Master, 12h) during the first semester of the university year 2009-2010.


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