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Section: Overall Objectives

Members complementarity

The members of the ALIEN project work in different places: Paris, Lille, Reims and Nancy; they share the algebraic tool and the non-asymptotic estimation goal, which constitute the natural kernel of the project. Each of them contributes to both theoretical and applied sides of the global project. The following table draws up a scheme of some of their specialities. Of course, algebraic tools, identification and estimation are not recalled here since any member of ALIEN is concerned with.

Table 1.
Upstream Researches Application Fields
Computer algebra -
SaclayNonstandard analysis - Signal -
LIXLinear & nonlinear control - Delays
ReimsSignal - Numerical analysisDenoising - Demodulation -
CReTICBiomedical signal processing
CergyNonlinear observers -Cryptography -
ECSHybrid systemsMulti-cell chopper/converter
LilleApplied mathematicsHigh performance machining -
ENSAMPrecision sensors, AFM(Atomic Force Microscope, for which fast filtering is required)
LilleDelay systems -Aeronautics -
LAGISNonlinear control - ObserversMagnetic bearings - Friction estimation -
(finite-time/unknown input)Networked control - Robotics
NancyDiagnosis - Control - SignalIndustrial processes -
CRANSignal & image processing


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