Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: New Results

Model-free control

Participants : Michel Fliess, Cédric Join.

The great difficulty to obtain a simple but sufficiently accurate model for most concrete industrial systems has prompted us to look at model-free control [84] , [36] . This very elementary model, which is valid during a very short time window and continuously updated, has already met some success with several concrete situations: throttle control for IC engines (with APPEDGE and PSA) [91] , stop-and-go automotive control strategy (in collaboration with the École des Mines de Paris and PSA) [102] , [29] , [43] hydroelectrical dams modeling and control (in collaboration with EDF, contract and patent under progress), shape memory actuators (collaboration with the team directed by Prof. E. Delaleau at the École Nationale des Ingénieurs de Brest, [88] , [50] ). Those ideas were also used to design so-called "intelligent" PID controllers [85] , where the tuning of parameters becomes quite straightforward, even with highly nonlinear and/or time-varying systems [36] .


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