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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives


Participants : Ismael Garcia, Anass Lasram, Sylvain Lefebvre.

The ANR SIMILAR-CITIES started late january 2009. This is a common project between INRIA, CSTB and the Alleorithmic compagny, on the theme of approximating urban texture procedurally.

SIMILAR-CITIES est un projet entre l'INRIA, le CSTB et Allegorithmic sur le thème de l'approximation procédurale de textures urbaines: Les textures et images appliquées sur les modèles géométriques sont calculées plutôt que stockées. Le but est de fournir des représentations procédurales peu couteuses en mémoire et temps de création pour les environnements urbains massifs (villes virtuelles) et ce afin d'augmenter l'immersion et le réalisme lors d'explorations interactives de telles scènes.

The project advanced well and the first work packages have been completed, including the creation by our partner Allegorithmic of a database of textures. Two meetings have been held, the kickoff meeting in Sophia-Antipolis and a second meeting in Clermont-Ferrand. A server was installed at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis by SEMIR for the project, and the intellectual property agreement has been prepared by the legal department of INRIA. It is currently being signed by all partners.

The project hired Anass Lasram as a PhD student. Anass started in October in the Alice team of INRIA Nancy (since Sylvain Lefebvre joined the Alice team). We are currently working on an algorithm for fast synthesis of structural textures, with a particular focus on urban imagery. The main application is to give a more realistic appearance to the many anonymous buildings of large virtual cities, which are typically only crudely modeled. A key advantage of our approach is the compactness of the results. We are currently working on submitting this work to SIGGRAPH 2010. The project involves Sylvain Lefebvre, Samuel Hornus (Alice/INRIA Nancy) and Anass Lasram (Alice/INRIA Nancy).


Participant : Rhaleb Zayer.

The scientific objective of this proposal is to develop new deformation models, where the underlying mathematics (basis functions) is adaptively learned from acquisition, and thus have inherently a clear physical meaning. In this way, the simulation goes on par with the real deformation behavior. To address this goal the PhysiGrafix project which consists of (1) systematic tracking and reconstruction of a coarse representation of captured multi-view video deformation sequence; (2) problem reduction by encoding the physics in relevant deformation modes and elimination of irrelevant parameters (e.g. rigid body modes); (3) Adaption to refined reconstruction as well as to the addition of new footage of the same model or similar models. This research is motivated by real world applications, and in a broad scope touches upon disciplines such as virtual medicine, manufacturing and feature film industry.

Cooperation with Gocad (Nancy school of geology)

Participants : Guillaume Caumon, Bruno Lévy, Nicolas Cherpeau, Romain Merland, Thomas Viard.

We work in cooperation with the Gocad group. The Ph.D. theses of N. Cherpeau, R. Merland and T. Viard are co-advised by the ENSG/Gocad (Nancy School of Geology) and ALICE. The goals are to develop new tools to visualize uncertainties (T. Viard), a modeling framework for complex geological objects with faults (N. Cherpeau) and 3D meshing tools for flow simulation (R. Merland).



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