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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional initiatives

AOC CPER program (“Contrat de Plan État-Région Lorraine”)

Participants : Bruno Lévy, Nicolas Ray, Nicolas Saugnier, Rhaleb Zayer.

In the frame of the AOC program (Analysis, Optimization and Control) of the CPER (“Contrat de Plan État-Région Lorraine”), we participate to the “swimmer” action, coordinated by Marius Tucsnak (CORIDA project-team). The goal of this action is to simulate and visualize the complex fluid-solid interactions caused by a swimming fish. In 2009, we started to mutualize the sofware development between ALICE and CORIDA, and developped some common tools in the OpenNL library. The sparse matrix data structure from OpenNL is now used by CORIDA's MATLAB sofware. We now work on improving the efficiency of sparse matrix - vector product, using GPU parallel implementations. The goal is to have efficient implementations of preconditioners for Navier-Stokes simulation.


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