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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The possible access to distributed computing resources over the Internet allows a new type of applications that use the power of the machines and the network. The transparent and efficient access to these distributed resources that form the Grid is one of the major challenges of information technology. It needs the implementation of specific techniques and algorithms to make computers communicate with each other, let applications work together, allocate resources and improve the quality of service and the security of the transactions.


We tackle several problems related to the first of the major challenges that INRIA has identified in its strategic plan:

“Design and master the future network infrastructures and communication services platforms.”

Our approach emphasizes on algorithmic aspects of grid computing, in particular it addresses the problems of organizing the computation efficiently , be it on the side of a service provider, be it within the application program of a customer.

Research themes:

  • Structuring of applications for scalability: modeling of size, locality and granularity of computation and data.

  • Transparent resource management: sequential and parallel task scheduling; migration of computations; data exchange; distribution and redistribution of data.

  • Experimentation methodology: reproducibility, extensibility and applicability of simulations, emulations and in situ experiments.


Our methodology is based upon three points (1.) modeling, (2.) design and (3.) engineering of algorithms. These three points interact strongly to form a feedback loop.

  1. With models we obtain an abstraction of the physical, technical or social reality.

  2. This abstraction allows us to design techniques for the resolution of specific problems.

  3. These techniques are implemented to validate the models with experiments and by applying them to real world problems.


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