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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Serenitec: SEcurity analysis and Refactoring ENvironment for Internet TEChnology

Participants : François Bodin, Christophe Levointurier, Sylvain Leroy.

Serenitec aims at analyzing and improving security of Java Web applications. To achieve its goals, the project mixes a set of techniques from static program analysis, case based reasoning and refactoring techniques. Security analysis are based on the work of the Open Web Application Security Project. To validate the techniques, large web analysis will be used (500 kloc to 1 Mloc).

In this project, ALF studies basic analysis and refactoring techniques for Java codes. Serenitec is a project of the Pôle de compétitivité Images et Réseaux. It is funded by the Region Bretagne and Rennes Métropole. Partners of this project are Silicom-AQL, Caps Entreprise and Irisa/INRIA (prime).


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