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Section: New Results

Software tools for architecture

Participants : Ricardo Velàsquez, Pierre Michaud, André Seznec.

Fast hybrid multicore architecture simulation

Participants : Ricardo Velàsquez, Pierre Michaud, André Seznec.

So far, detailed cycle-accurate simulation has been the preferred methodology for research in microarchitecture. However, with the advent of multicore processors and the rapid growth of the number of on-chip cores, cycle accurate simulation is becoming more and more impractical, as it requires a lot of development and leads to slow and heavy simulators. To cope with this problem, researchers have begun exploring approximate multicore simulation methodologies that trade accuracy for simulation speed.

We are initiating a research effort to define a fast and accurate hybrid simulation methodology for simulating the execution of parallel applications on future multicore processors.

Online compression of cache-filtered address traces

Participant : Pierre Michaud.

Trace-driven simulation is potentially much faster than cycle-accurate simulation. However, one drawback is the large amount of storage that may be necessary to store traces. Trace compression techniques are useful for decreasing the storage space requirement. But the compression ratio of existing trace compressors is limited because they implement lossless compression. We propose two new methods for compressing cache-filtered address traces. The first method, bytesort, is a lossless compression method that achieves high compression ratios on cache-filtered address traces. The second method is a lossy one, based on the concept of phase. We have combined these two methods in a trace compressor called ATC [24] . Our experimental results show that ATC gives high compression ratio while keeping the memory-locality characteristics of the original trace.


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