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New Results
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Section: Dissemination

PIRVI : a working framework for projects in CHI, Virtual Reality and Images

The PIRVI(see ) framework was initiated in 2008 as a way to encourage collaborations between research teams and industry in the field of Vision and Virtual Reality. Five teams from The LIFL and the LAGIS are contributing to the PIRVI : ALCOVE, FOX-MIIRE, SMAC, NOCE and VISION&IMAGES. Within the PIRVI the ALCOVE team provides its scientific expertise in the field of computer graphics, vision and computer-human interfaces as well as by demonstrating and building collaboration based on its dedicated equipments: virtual reality room and multi-touch tactile displays. In 2009 the PIRVI organized several demonstration days in which ALCOVE took a big role. During these days ALCOVE has presented its research works to many potential industrial partners and political figures. Some significant dates:


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