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Section: New Results

Interactive Simulation of Flexible Needle Insertions Based on Constraint Models

Participants : Christian Duriez, Christophe Guebert, Maud Marchal, Stéphane Cotin, Laurent Grisoni.

This work presents a new modeling method for the insertion of needles and more generally thin and flexible medical devices into soft tissues. Several medical procedures rely on the insertion of slender medi- cal devices such as biopsy, brachytherapy, deep-brain stimulation. In this paper, the interactions between soft tissues and ßexible instruments are reproduced using a set of dedicated complementarity constraints. Each constraint is positionned and applied to the deformable models without requiring any remeshing. Our method allows for the 3D simulation of different physical phenomena such as puncture, cutting, static and dy- namic friction at interactive frame rate. To obtain realistic simulation, we parametrize the model using experimental data. We validate our method through a series of typical simulation examples and new more complex scenarios. A paper on this subject was published at MICCAI conference this year [18]

Figure 3. The needle is first inserted one half of the distance into the phantom, then spun 180 degrees, and finally inserted the remaining distance.


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