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Section: Software

Software Development for HCI

Participants : Damien Marchal [ correspondent ] , Norbert Barichard, Clément Moerman.

In the context of our research on multi-touch interaction and 3D we have conducted several specific software development( ). Our first contribution is BlenderTUIO( ). BlenderTUIO is based on Blender, a well known open-source modeling software, that we have extended to handle multi-touch interaction. With this software our main objective was to be able to quickly set-up new experiments on interaction combining multi-touch and 3D. BlenderTUIO was then released in open-source, and received interest from both academia and the art community( ). For academia, it is a tool to quickly make 3d application with multi-touch while for the art community BlenderTUIO offers a way to connect specific sensing devices to 3D content through the TUIO protocol. A group of user from several university is currently forming to pursue the development of this tool. A second important software development activity was done in the context of the I-Lab with Idée3Com. An extension was developed to support multi-touch display with VRML/X3D, the extension being used by Idée3Com in a prototype of a multi-touch 3d room-planning software that was demonstrated the November 24 in the exhibition "Les rencontres Net2009".


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