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Section: Software

Simulation Open Framework Architecture (SOFA)

Participants : Jérémie Allard [ correspondant ] , Stéphane Cotin [ correspondant ] , Jérémie Dequidt, Christian Duriez, Laurent Grisoni, Juan Pablo de la Plata Alcalde, Frédérick Roy.

This research outlines a plan to build a foundation for a potential interoperability standard for Medical Simulation. Theoretically, such a framework should be generic, platform-independent, public domain, open source, and extendible. ALCOVE has been working on this concept for the past few years and with the assistance of several INRIA projects (EVASION, ASCLEPIOS) and CIMIT simulation group at Boston. We have assembled a first prototype that we demonstrated at Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR). We wanted to extend and refine this prototype with the aim of publicly releasing it to the medical simulation research community. Essentially, SOFA (Simulation Open Framework Architecture) is a flexible core framework which will allow independently developed algorithms to interact together within a common simulation while minimizing the development time required for integration. The main objective of SOFA is to foster collaboration among research groups. Rather than a centralized toolkit for Medical Simulation, our approach focuses on the development of a core technology that will support the integration of modules using a plug-in system. It is our hope that SOFA will simplify the developmental time for simulators, reduce production costs, and provide a means to share components through a common interface.

Figure 1. Applications using SOFA: surgical procedure in ophthalmology and interventional radiology

We had good result since SOFA is the most downloaded application of the INRIA's gforge with about 40.000 downloads.

Framework Improvements

Framework Improvements include (but is not limited to...)


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