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Section: Dissemination

Teaching at university

Denis Barthou gave these courses:

Cédric Bastoul gives Java, System, Network and Security lectures and labs at the Orsay Institute of Technology to first, second and third year students (L1 to L3). He also teaches a Object Oriented Programming course at Paris-Sud University to second year students (L2). Lastly, he is teaching computer architecture at École Polytechnique, for third year students (M1).

Anna Beletska gave 9 hours of lectures in the Master 2 “Recherche” of Computer Science of University of Paris-Sud.

Mohamed-Walid Benabderrahmane: Monitorat: 64 hours at IFIPS - University Paris-sud 11, Courses: C/C++/C# , Web Services, Security, Level: 5 year engineer.

Philippe Dumont: Components of a Computing System, Introduction to Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, École Polytechnique - Licence 3 - 36h

Christine Eisenbeis gave a 3 hours lecture about “Reversible computing” in the Master 2 “Recherche” of Computer Science of University of Paris-Sud.

Olivier Temam teaches a computer architecture course at École Polytechnique to 3rd-year students on computer architectures (appr. 35 hours). He also co-teaches a course on novel processor architectures at University of Paris Sud to Master's students.

Albert Cohen teaches an introductory computing systems (computer architecture, operating systems, distributed systems) at École Polytechnique to 2nd-year students (appr 35 hours, 120 students); it was the first course using the Google Android development kit as a virtual platform for lab sessions; an e-book published with Eyrolles came out of this first experiment in 2009. He also teaches an advanced operating systems course to 3rd-year students at École Polytechnique. He also co-chairs the Electrical Engineering curriculum at École Polytechnique.


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