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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Cooperations

Brazil (Federal University of Bahia and Federal University of Campina Grande)

Participants : Emmanuelle Anceaume, Michel Hurfin, Jean-Pierre Le Narzul.

A cooperation project with the Federal University of Bahia, the Federal University of Paraiba, and several French laboratories (EPI ADEPT, EPI GRAND LARGE, EPI REGAL and ENST Bretagne) was supported by Capes/Cofecub (projet 497/05) during a period of four years that ends at the beginning of 2009. Michel Hurfin is the French coordinator of this project which focuses on distributed computing and Grid computing. In 2009, this cooperation has led to two joint publications presented at SSS 2009 [13] and WRAS 2009 [14] .


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