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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Project

DGE Project: P2Pim@ges (2007-2009)

Participants : Emmanuelle Anceaume, Jean-Pierre Le Narzul, Romaric Ludinard.

The P2Pim@ge project is supported by the Direction Générale des Entreprises. This project aims at studying, prototyping and testing legal advanced streaming technology on peer-to-peer systems. Different applications are addressed such as video on demand, immediate or differed download, access to scare content, etc. Partners of the project are Thomson R&D, Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia, Mitsubishi Electric ITE/TCL, Devoteam, France Telecom, ENST Bretagne, Marsouin, IRISA, IPdiva, and TMG.

In such large-scale dynamic systems, users may have a strategic behavior that is neither obedient nor malicious, but just rational. Tracking such behavior is complex since it requires taking into account a large set of features: large population, asymmetry of interest, collusion, "zero-cost identity", high turnover, and rationality. Techniques from the security domain (e.g. intrusion detection), and new fault tolerant distributed algorithms inspired from social theories will be investigated to deal with these undesirable behaviors.


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