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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Other Activities

Collaboration INRIA - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6

Participant : Xavier Blanc.

This collaboration was mainly about the Praxis approach and related to the detection of inconsistencies within models. In [24] , we propose an approach to automatically generate huge models. Our approach is uniform, which means that all models of a same size have the same probability to be generated. In [16] , we propose an approach to instantaneously detect inconsistencies within models. This approach has the key advantage to need only a small fixed amount of memory to run. In [23] , we propose to make Praxis distributed. In particular, we propose to deploy the Praxis detection engine on top of a peer-to-peer platform that support collaborative edition of models.

An HDR has been defended in november the 18th [11] .

Collaboration INRIA - INRETS-LEOST

Participant : Christophe Gransart.

Since several years, we collaborate with the Laboratoire Electronique, Ondes et Signaux pour les Transports (LEOST laboratory) of the french Institut National de REcherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (INRETS institute), and especially with Christophe Gransart. In the PlaiiMOB CISIT project, he is working on the definition and the adaptation of the context dedicated to transport applications[32] .

Christophe Gransart has made a course during the summer school about Ambiant Computing at Lille during the summer 2009 [31] .

Following the InteGRail FP6 project, a research activity is currently done with Alstom to design a software architecture to host applications in the field of intelligent mobility [17] .


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