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Section: New Results

Adaptive Middleware for SOA

Participants : Nicolas Dolet, Damien Fournier, Philippe Merle, Lionel Seinturier.

The Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a technology agnostic standard for developing and deploying distributed service-oriented applications. However, SCA does not define standard means for runtime manageability (including introspection and reconfiguration) of SOA applications and of their supporting environment. [27] presents the FraSCAti platform, which brings runtime management features to SCA, and discusses key principles in its design: the adoption of an extended SCA component model for the implementation of SOA applications and of the FraSCAti platform itself; the use of component-based interception techniques for dynamically weaving non-functional services such as transaction management with components. [27] presents micro-benchmarks that show that runtime manageability in the FraSCAti platform is achieved without hindering its performance relative to the de facto reference SCA implementation, Apache's Tuscany.

A poster on FraSCAti [52] was also presented at the GDR GPL national days.

For more details on FraSCAti, see section  5.5 .


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