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Section: Software


Participants : Pierre Carton, Laurence Duchien, Carlos Andres Parra Acevedo, Nicolas Pessemier [ correspondant ] , Clément Quinton.

Model2Code (M2C) is directly connected to the work of Carlos Parra's PhD which covers the definition and implementation of a Context-Aware Dynamic Software Product Line (DSPL) named CAPucine. It provides a set of tools for metamodel transformation and code generation. The current implementation of M2C addresses transformation from CAPucine metamodel towards OSOA SCA metamodel, and Spoon EMF metamodel. The transformations were formerly written in pure Java, and are now in QVT language, which is a dedicated language for transformation, enhancing the readability. M2C meta models are based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Code generators are all written in Java. The M2C project will be soon published as a LGPL project in the INRIA Gforge repository.


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