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Section: Software


Participants : Frédéric Loiret [ correspondant ] , Aleš Plšek, Lionel Seinturier.

Component-based technologies are widely used in various application domains (from grid computing to embedded systems) for which the functional needs are heterogeneous. To cope with such an heterogeneity, the execution infrastructures that provide the basic services required by the applications should be adapted to these targeted domains. Within ADAM, various works have been conducted to carry out this adaptation needed at infrastructure level, in particular :

Hulotte is a generic framework focused on these two aspects. The originality of Hulotte is to be based on a flattened and unified representation of the whole system—i.e. , it allows reasoning on the applicative level as well as the infrastructure level. It is a mandatory requirement in order to ease the generation of domain-dependent components based on global properties of the system. The experiment described in  [82] has been conducted using Hulotte. Hulotte is also based on several software developed within the ADAM team: Juliac, Koch, Spoon.


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