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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions

European Project: Roboswarm

Roboswarm is an EU project that started in November 2006 in which ACES is a participant. The goal of the project is to develop an open knowledge environment for self-configurable, low-cost and robust robot swarms usable in everyday applications. Advances in the state-of-the art of networked robotics are proposed through introduction of a local and global knowledge base for ad hoc communication within a low-cost swarm of autonomous robots operating in the surrounding smart IT infrastructure. The ACES group was invited into this consortium due to its experience with ad hoc (ambient) network environments.


The general objective of the SMARTMUSEUM project is developing solution and IT services for user interest dependent (profiled) access to digitalized cultural information that is relevant in particular physical location. The activities of the project are addressing personalised approach to cultural exploration, including cultural tourism. The future smart museum IT infrastructure and services, which are capable of increasing bidirectional interaction between multilingual European citizens and cultural heritage objects taking full benefit of the multi source digitalized cultural information. By doing this, priorities are set on: Improving structured and user competence dependent access to the vast repository of cultural heritage, Improving the meaning and individual experience people receive from cultural and scientific resources, Bringing personalized cultural experience closer to non-expert community, Making real reuse of experiences related with cultural heritage access for variety of interest groups.

NoE Resist

The NoE ReSIST (Resilence and Survability for IST) will focus on the following four objectives in addressing the scalability of dependability and security via resilience:

Michel Banâtre is the scientific leader of the Work Package 2, which is the "more research oriented" work package of the RESIST NoE.


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