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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

National contracts

TV mobile <<sans limite>> (TVMSL)

The objective of this contract is to design and evaluate inovative caching mechanisms to distribute H.264 flows in future hybrid DVB-H+ infrastructure (satellite + terrestrial).

Définition d'un service de gestion de l'énergie dans le cadre de l'habitat résidentiel en s'appuyant sur les principes de l'informatique diffuse : études préliminaires

The objective of this short project is to study the use of ambient computing principles for the management of electricity consumption in residential habitat. The objective is (1) to define scenarios based on home people activities, and (2) to propose an implementation of these scenarios using ambient computing mechanisms studied in the ACES project. This first phase must be concluded by a final report, in order to decide if a partnership much more ambitious between INRIA-ACES team and EDF-ICAME is possible.

Système d'Information Voyageur Embarqué : SIVE

The SIVE project aims to create an embedded information system for public transportation users. The project mainly focuses on inner-city and inter-city transportations such as bus or subway. Information received by the users are multimedia, context dependent and customized. Considered means of diffusion are various such as screens in a bus or users' cellphones.


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