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Section: Software

SmartMuseum User Device Software

The general objective of the SMARTMUSEUM project is developing solution and IT services for user interest dependent (profiled) access to digitalized cultural information that is relevant in particular physical location. Within this project ACES developed the User Device (UD) software that is the main interaction point to the system for the mobile user. The main objective of this software was to provide the user with relevant object information, either browsing it online through connecting to a URL (specified on the RFID tag or composed from museum URL) or just reading the basic object information from the RFID tag. Our application presents object information in most relevant and suitable for the user way (text, audio, video, voice synthesis, multilingual support), considering the limitations of the UD screen and time constraints of the user. It is also able to collect statistical information based on the user actions (time spent and feedback) for updating user profile.

The functionalities of this software have been demonstrated during two international workshops:


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