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Section: New Results

Checkmate: a Generic Static Analyzer of Java Multithreaded Programs

Participant : Pietro Ferrara.

In [24] , we present Checkmate, a generic static analyzer of Java multithreaded programs based on the abstract interpretation theory. It supports all the most relevant features of Java multithreading, as dynamic unbounded thread creation, runtime creation of monitors, and dynamic allocation of shared memory. We implement a wide set of properties, from the ones interesting also for sequential programs, e.g. division by zero, to the ones typical of multithtreaded programs, e.g. data races. We analyze several external case studies and benchmarks with Checkmate, and we study the experimental results both in term of precision and efficiency. It turns out that the analysis is particularly accurate and we are in position to analyze programs composed by some thousands of statements and a potentially infinite number of threads. As far as we know, Checkmate is the first generic static analyzer of Java multithreaded programs.


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