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Teaching responsibilities

F. Cazals is co-coordinator or the Master of Science in Computational Biology , University of Nice - Sophia-Antipolis. This master provides an advanced curriculum at the interface of biology, computer science and applied mathematics, and is geared towards an international audience. See .

Teaching at universities

– École Polytech'Nice, Engineering curriculum (3rd year), Introduction à la "Biogéométrie": J.Bernauer (3h).

– Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis / University of Bologna Winter School, Algorithms and structural biology: Introduction to biogeometry and other computational structural biology techniques: J.Bernauer (3h).

– AgroParisTech, Paris, MAP3 (module d'approfondissement) Ingénierie des protéines, cursus ingénieur agronome, deuxième année; Introduction à la bioinformatique; J.Bernauer (3h).

– Master Bioinformatique et Biostatistiques (BIBS), Orsay University; Algorithmic Problems in Computational Structural Biology; F. Cazals (12h), J. Janin (6h), C. Robert (6h).

– University of Nice - Sophia-Antipolis, Master of Science in Computational Biology; Algorithmic Problems in Computational Structural Biology; J. Bernauer (9h), F. Cazals (15h).


Internship proposals can be seen on the web from the Positions section at

– Ludovic Di Benedetto; Development of scoring functions for protein-nucleic acid docking ; Univ. of Montpellier 2, Master 2 in Biostatistics. Advisor: J. Bernauer.

– Harshad Kanhere; Computing the Volume of Union of Balls , IIT Bombay. Advisor: F. Cazals.

– Emilie Pihan; Study of surface methods to identify similarities between ligands ; École Polytechnique Nice - Univ. of Nice - Sophia-Antipolis. Advisor: J. Bernauer and D. Douguet (CNRS / IPMC Sophia Antipolis).

– Nisarg Shah; Geometric optimization problems for collections of balls ; IIT Bombay. Advisor: F. Cazals.

Ongoing Ph.D. theses

– Tom Dreyfus, Modeling large macro-molecular assemblies , university of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.


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