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Associated team GNAPI

Participants : Julie Bernauer, Frédéric Cazals, Sébastien Loriot.

This project is a collaboration between members of the ABS group in Sophia-Antipolis and the Levitt group in Stanford University on geometric and knowledge-based analysis for large biomolecules and their interactions. The function of a biomolecule largely depends on its interaction with other partners such as proteins and nucleic acids. To better understand and to be able to predict the behavior of these macromolecules we offer an innovative approach combining physico-chemical properties description, distance measurements, geometrical descriptors and a statistical description of the system. This work is based on the recent developments on knowledge-based potentials and Voronoi/alpha-shape protein descriptions. They offer nice tools to get valuable insight on how the macromolecules interact which could lead to interesting therapeutics applications. Both groups involved have complementary experience in these domains. In 2009, the emphasis has been made on sphere arrangements as discriminative parameters. Results obtained were partly published in the JOBIM Conference Proceedings (See ) and a presentation was made by Julie Bernauer at the conference in June 2009 in Nantes (see: [15] ). Results were also presented as a poster by Sébastien Loriot at the Flexibility and Biological Recognition: from Biophysics to Data Models in Sophia Antipolis in March 2009 and by Julie Bernauer as a poster in ISMB/ECCB Conference in Stockholm in June 2009. Other topics are described on the website: and the form for 2010, including the work done in 2009 is available at:


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