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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : requirements engineering, metamodel, UML, MDE, traceability.


Participants : Benoit Baudry, David Touzet, Erwan Brottier, Didier Vojtisek.

OpenDevFactory is a sub project of the project Usine Logicielle (labelled by the System@tic Competitivity Cluster). Its objective is to supply a standard platform for integrating technological developments for modelling software tools. This sub project produces technological components on top of which domain tools (automobile, security, telecommunication, aeronautical) can be derived at a lesser effort. That platform is built as an interoperable federation of tools which limited parts could be deployed to make specialised IDEs meeting the particular needs of different kinds of users. The technological bricks are organized as follows:

The integration structure of OpenDevFactory is build on top of the Eclipse framework. In this context, Triskell has developped an Eclipse plugin providing a requirements engineering integrated environment. This environment includes the following features:

Project duration:


Triskell budget share:

75 keuros

Project Coordinator:

Thales R&T


CEA, CS, Dassault Aviation, EADS, EDF, Esterel Technologies, Hispano Suiza, IFP, INRIA, LIP6, LRI, MBDA,Ecole Polytechnique, Softeam, Supelec, Thales, Trialog


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