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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International working groups

ERCIM Working Group on Software Evolution

Numerous scientific studies of large-scale software systems have shown that the bulk of the total software-development cost is devoted to software maintenance. This is mainly due to the fact that software systems need to evolve continually to cope with ever-changing software requirements. Today, this is more than ever the case. Nevertheless, existing tools that try to provide support for evolution have many limitations. They are (programming) language dependent, not scalable, difficult to integrate with other tools, and they lack formal foundations.

The main goal of the proposed WG ( ) is to identify a set of formally-founded techniques and associated tools to support software developers with the common problems they encounter when evolving large and complex software systems. With this initiative, we plan to become a Virtual European Research and Training Centre on Software Evolution.

Triskell contributes to this working group on the following points:


The Triskell project is connected to the national academic community through a lightweight participation to several CNRS GDR (Groupement de Recherche).

Standardization at OMG

In 2008, Triskell project participates to normalization actions at omg ( ). It is involved in the MARTE FTF (Finalization Task Force), in the Concrete Syntax for a UML Action Language RFP (Request For Proposal) and in the Analysis and Design group which promotes standard modelling techniques including UML and MOF.

Collaboration with foreign research groups

Colorado State University (CSU), USA. In January 2006 we started a “Equipe associée” (a three year program for an associated team) called MATT between CSU and Triskell on Model-driven engineering: Aspects, Transformations and Test ((see for details)). We have collaborated on model composition for aspect-oriented modelling, model transformation and testing aspect-oriented programs. In this context, Benoit Baudry visited CSU from December 2007 to September 2008 through the INRIA sabbatic program, Romain Delamare and Freddy Muñoz visited CSU in March 2008, Jean-Marc Jézéquel visited CSU in July 2008, Robert France and Geri Georg visited IRISA in December 2008.

In October 2008 we submitted a proposal to renew the équipe associée.

Modelling Simulation and Design Lab, Mc Gill University, Montreal Sagar Sen has started a PhD as a co-direction between IRISA and Mc Gill. This PhD is about automatic model synthesis through constraint solving in the context of model transformation testing and automatic exploration of large design spaces.

Since February 2007 Triskell participates to a “FACEPE” project (a two year program with the University of Pernambouco, Brazil) called SIntArch (Safe Introduction of Interaction patterns in Component Based Software Architectures) between Pr Augusto Cesar Alvez Sampaio and the Triskell group on Component Based Software Architecture design using : Model-driven engineering and Aspects Oriented Modeling. In 2008, we have consolidated the model-snippet MDK used in Kermeta.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics Since 2008, Benoit Baudry is associate researcher in the IP project SENSORIA (Software Engineering for Service Oriented Overlay Computers). In this context, we collaborate with Daniel Varro from Budapest University of Technology and Economics on testing techniques for model transformations.


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