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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : MDE, RT/E system, model checking, model transformation, RT/E requirements engineering.

TopCaseD (Aerospace Valley Competitivity Cluster)

Participants : Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Didier Vojtisek, Cyril Faucher, François Tanguy.

TopCaseD is a project of the Aerospace Valley Competitivity Cluster aiming at developing an open source CASE environment for critical applications and systems development. Its main benefits should be to perpetuate the methods and tools for software development, minimize ownership costs, ensure independence of development platform, integrate, as soon as possible, methodological changes and advances made in academic world, be able to adapt tools to the process instead of the opposite, take into account qualification constraints. In this purpose, TopCaseD relies on the Eclipse Modelling Project platform (EMF, GEF, GMF, OCL, UML2, ...) and on many available tools such as the AMMA tools, MDDi model bus, Kermeta executable models ...

The participation of Triskell into the TopCaseD project aims to the integration of Kermeta as the simulation engine of Topcased. Triskell is also participating to the development of the code generators to generate graphical editors.

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Airbus, CNES, EADS-Astrium, Rockwell Collins, Siemens VDO Automotive, Thales Avionics, TurboMeca, AdaCore, AnyWare Technologies, ATOS Origin, C-S, Ellidiss Technologies, Micoin Consulting, SodiFrance, Sogeti-HiTech, SopraGroup, Tectosages, TNI-Software, ENSIETA, ESEO, FERIAIRIT/ LAAS/ ONERA, INRIA (ATLAS/EXPRESSO/TRISKELL), MIPS, SEI, UFSC, ENSEEIHT, INSAT, UPS


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