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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : MDE, quality of service, model transformation, Web services.

Faros (RNTL)

Participants : Noel Plouzeau, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Franck Chauvel.

Faros is a project supported by the RNTL program. The Faros project has started in march, 2006. This project will last 36 months. The general objective of the project is the definition and the construction of a software process and tool chain to build reliable Web service based application. The process and its corresponding tool chain will be able to accept as input domain specific, platform independant components. The tool will generate platform specific implementations of these components, interconnected through Web services.

The general strategy of the process is based on model engineering. The project's workpackages are organized as follows:

  1. definition of metamodels for managing business specific application description;

  2. definition of metamodels for Web services platforms;

  3. definition of a general metamodel to describe pivot models, which are business and platform independant;

  4. definition of transformations to generate Web services implementation from business specific models, using automated model transformation techniques.

The project will use the applications of the industrial partners (France Telecom, Electricité de France and Alicante) as case studies to validate the process and its tool chain.

Within the Faros RNTL project, the Triskell project is responsible for the metamodelisation activity, the supervision of transformation designs and the production of the model transformation engine. More precisely, the core of the tool chain will be based on the Kermeta model transformation engine, which is being developed entirely by the Triskell team.

Project duration:


Triskell budget share:

80 keuros

Project type:


Project Coordinator:

France Telecom


France Telecom R&D, EDF R&D, Alicante (industrial partners), university of Nice (I3S laboratory), university of Rennes 1 (IRISA laboratory), university of Lille (LIFL laboratory)


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